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Flye Smart Card

The Flye Smart Card is a digital credit card that holds up to 10 cards.  Features such as adding a photo, setting up a password, adding and removing cards and locating a lost smart card are all handled through the app.  I worded closely with


Citi – Pay with Points

Pay With Points provides near real-time push notifications to Citi ThankYou customers notifying them that they can use their ThankYou points to offset their charge. I designed the user flow and wireframes. In The News https://www.cnbc.com/2019/06/25/citi-pay-with-points-allows-cardmembers-to-redeem-points-in-real-time.html

Archivos Storyverse

Archivos is a story development and visualization tool, designed to support Storytellers in crafting their stories and sharing them with others.  As the UX designer I worked closely with the product manager and development team to establish the design and prototypes.